Behind the Scenes: Rusty Robson on the Drums


In preparation for her upcoming album, “Wake-up, Cowboy!” Chelsea Robson, is taking time to interview some of the behind the scenes creators that make it all happen!

In this interview, she talks to long time drummer at the Rockin’ R, Army special forces Sargent, and big brother!

Rusty Robson is currently deployed as Psyop Sargent MIST (military information support team) in Colombia. In this interview, he and Chelsea talk about:

  •  How he got into drumming and starting as the Rockin’ R Ranch Drummer at the age of 15
  • How the discipline and focus it takes to get good at an instrument has influenced decisions in his military career
  • It ends off with some fun memories of kids growing up at the Rockin’ R Ranch!

Don’t miss it!



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